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The case descriptions listed below are representative of the types of cases we have recently handled and the results that we have achieved for our clients. Every case is different. What we have reported here are some of our “successes”. Prospective clients should not assume that the same or similar results can be obtained for them. Whether we can obtain a successful result in your case depends on the specific factual and legal circumstances of each case.

Recent Felonies Dismissed

Trafficking Marijuana
Probation Violation
Injury to Child
Grand Theft
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Recent Misdemeanors Dismissed

Resisting and Obstructing
Resist & Obstruct
Resist & Obstruct
Property Damage
Probation Violations
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Recent Charges Reduced

Telephone Harassment (Misdemeanor)
Reduced to Disturbing the Peace (Misdemeanor)
Grand Theft (Felony)
Reduced to Petit Theft (Misdemeanor)
Leaving Scene of Accident with Injury (Felony)
Reduced to Failure to Report Accident (Misdemeanor)
Leaving Scene (Misdemeanor)
Reduced to Failure to Report (Misdemeanor)
Injury to Child (Felony)
Reduced Injury to Child (Misdemeanor)
Financial Fraud (Felony)
Reduced to Petit Theft (Misdemeanor)
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